Beloved NBY community,

We can only say “wow”. The response and love is palpable and so appreciated! Being new at the whole “closing a business thing” We have a lot of extra information to share.

A very exciting development has arisen from Heaven Meets Earth. Lisa has graciously offered to honor NBY class cards. There may be a few bumps as our manual system coordinates with their Mindbody program, but her offer is generous and greatly appreciated. Heaven Meets Earth is located at 2746 Central St in Evanston. The studio is approximately a 10-minute drive Northeast. They are currently offering online Zoom classes until it is safe to reopen the studio. http://heavenmeetsearthyoga.com/

Our own Zoomers, Donna, Ania, Joe, and Kat will all offer online classes as well. The current schedules are as follows:

Ania aniatheyogini@gmail.com
Zoom code 290 911 0353
Monday Restorative at 7pm
Wednesday Vinyasa 1-2 with meditation at 12pm
Friday 12:30pm Weekend flow

Joe Joe@joearden.com
Zoom code 835 9617 7113
Tuesday Level 1-2 @ 12:30 pm
Tuesday Level 1-2 @ 7 pm
Thursday Level 1-2 @ 12:30pm

Zoom code 575-672-1513
Monday Gentle flow @9am
More classes to follow!

I received an avalanche of requests about prop purchases. I want everyone to know that I take cleanliness seriously. The blankets have all been washed. The blocks, wedges, and mats have been thoroughly wiped down with a sanitizer and steamed. The bolsters are tricky, it is possible to remove the covers, but not advisable. Instead, they have been cleaned with an upholstery machine and then spritzed with a disinfectant. The sandbags received the same treatment as the bolsters. In addition to the yoga props, we have many decorative items as well as practical. We will post photos and you may contact us if you are interested. The goal is to have your order ready and prepaid so we can have a smooth transition from our (washed) hands to yours.


To our beloved North Branch community,

With heavy hearts and clear vision, we announce the permanent closing of North Branch Yoga.

We opened our doors in May of 2015 and have joyfully served our community. We treasure our students and our wonderful teachers. Over the past years, we have celebrated and shared in the yoga journey of so many of you. It has truly been an honor and a pleasure to serve all of you!

We deeply regret to any of you with unused class cards that we cannot refund your purchase. We have always operated on a shoestring, but the Covid-19 pandemic caused a catastrophic loss in our ability to pay our teachers, rent and utilities. Support for small business is not forthcoming and the timeline to safely reopen is unknowable.

For those who may need to retrieve your mat from storage, please contact felicia@northbranchyoga.com. I can arrange to have your mat ready and waiting at the door.

All of our props have been thoroughly cleaned. If you have interest in purchasing any of them, we are offering them at a steep discount.

Some of our teachers will continue to offer online classes. We urge you to copy their contact information and continue your practice with them. For some, this is their sole source of income, so your support is meaningful.

Yoga is often said to mean “union”. As sad as we are in closing our doors, we hope you also remember the laughter and sense of community felt during your time practicing here.

In parting, know that this was an agonizing decision. We care so deeply about this space that was created by, and for you. As our delightful mural states- Yoga just wants you to show up. We are so deeply grateful for all of you who have shown up.

We bow in humble gratitude to the many beautiful souls who have graced us with their presence through the years. Namaste.

Felicia and Scott Holtz