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North Branch Yoga has been serving the community since 2015. We love our community of students and teachers and are asking for your help to keep our doors open. This crisis is challenging for all of us. We ask that you please make a contribution of $10-20 for each person taking the class.

Download the Zoom application or login at
Meeting ID: 575 672 1513

Donna 10:30-11:30am Hatha *new time*
Felicia 12-1pm Vinyasa
Ania 4:30-5pm Meditation

Donna 9-10am Gentle *new time*
Ania 7-8 Restorative

Joe 12:30-1:30pm Basics
Felicia 2-2:45pm Kids Spring Break (suggested age 4-11)
Joe 7-8pm Hatha 1-2

Donna 9-10am Gentle
Mary 12:30-1:30pm Restorative Flow
Kat 7-8pm Vinyasa

Joe 12:30-1:30 Basics
Felicia 2-2:45pm Kids Spring Break (suggested age 4-11)
Felicia 7-8 Basics

Mary 9-10am Hatha *new time*
Ania 12:31:30pm Lunch break flow

Kat 12-1pm Basics


  • Please make a payment choice on this page. This is the only source of income we have for a while. We are grateful for your support.
  • Our virtual North Branch Yoga studio will open 15 minutes before class, just like old times.
  • The link will only work when the studio is “open”.
  • Please mute your microphone.
  • Props! Blankets, towels, books, think creative if you dont have something you may need. Our teachers will work as prop free as possible but you know what you need for your practice.

Online Classes

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Online Classes

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When using a block in standing poses or anytime you need to bring the ground closer to you-
● Stacks of books
● Large hardcover books like the dictionary or that moby dick you’ve always intended to read
● Large cans of food, the 28oz and above kind.

When using a block under your seat or under your sacrum in poses like supported bridge-
● Bath towel folded up into block size
● Small blankets and throws rolled up

● Large bath and beach towels
● Small blankets and throws
● Spare yoga mats for under the knees and seat

● Large blankets rolled up tight
● Pillows stacked on top of eachother or firm foam pillows or throw pillows
● Couch cushions
● Rolled up spare yoga mat
● 2 or 3 Stacked small blankets and throws

● Belts
● Scarves
● Braided lengths of yarn, string or ribbons